Watch Your Manners

By Farzeen Amin

In the contemporary world now we have become used to of instant life style. We consume instant food we look for instant remedies and we also sort our problems through instant responses. The instant life style has started to question the value structure we have. You are always in a hurry to respond people with crazily instant and carefree answers. On the name of straight forwardness and quick resorts people has stopped analyzing situations. The children are the most influenced amongst the generations. The young children are quick to take effect from whatever they watch, listen and adopt.

The rising political awareness and open talks about the main characters of politics have given rise to statement wars amongst young supporters. The support although is not supported with logical argumentations but mostly targeting the facial features, the language issues, personal lives and the type of dressing are the main concern. The character assassination of disliked personalities has left the youth divided bitterly between two blocks. The children who are not much aware of any situation are also actively participating in the political discussions.

The video of a young girl of about 9 years has become viral on internet. The video showed an event where a girl is asked for help by mother and she refused by calling her mother as looter of her money. It was taken as a funny sight by most of the people but there is nothing to laugh about. We need to focus on how these children will tackle the matters in coming future. Our laughter and likes is an endorsement of an unacceptable behavior we must analyze the long term implications of our small gestures. The motive of highlighting the story is not to insult anyone but to realize that we are leaving our culture, norms and ethics behind in the race to be seen on the surface and in the hurry to be liked by others.

Having confidence in personality is wrongly perceived as being blunt, bold and bad. In the recent events we have witnessed that our social media and electronic media are portraying unacceptable behaviors in positive light. There are two major stories on internet of children that has highlighted the issue at present for us. The video of a little boy of almost 4 years is circulating everywhere. people have liked the confidence and adorable way of this boy of asking his teacher to return his bag. The matter for one video was alright as it surprises the viewers of the blunt response of the boy. The story which should have ended there escalated further and every big television channel has called the boy for interviews as if he has achieved something. Our irresponsible behaviors are calling people to receive easy fame through these actions.

Our norms, values and ethics complete the personality of a human being. Here it is note worthy that first 11 years of a person’s life play the most significant role in development of perceptions and concepts we need to be very careful when it comes to bring up a child. We must honor the ethics and ponder over the rising issue. Let’s not encourage the innocence to be exploited for the sake of fame.


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