by Javeria Arshad

“It’s not what you say or do,
it’s how you say and do it.”- PeterLegge

There are millions definitions of tact and to define it with a one definition would be unfair. The word “Tact” if practiced carefully in daily life interactions leaves a stronger impact that one can even imagine. Tact is a collection of all the positive words like kindness, compassion, consideration, selflessness, thoughtfulness, empathy, heartedness, gentleness etc. It is not just a collection of words but using tact means to show sensitivity to the needs of others, it’s an ability to communicate effectively; it is a careful consideration of values and feeling of others. Abraham Lincoln described tact as, “Tact is the ability to describe others as they see themselves.” Or as Howard W. Newton says, “Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.” Sir John Lubbock defined tact as, “Thinking before you act”. The basic of tact is control and determination. Tact is all about dealing with the situations and communicating with thoughtfully, maturely and soberly without offending anyone.

The art of pleasing is declared as the essence of tact. People who know the tact know how to grasp a situation and by doing so they put others at ease and they are able to do the right thing at the right time. Kent M. Keith “Paradoxical Commandments” says when you lend a helping hand or do good to others, people may accuse you of selfish interior motives but it shouldn’t stop you from doing good to others. Always make yourself pleasant in the company of others.  

Peter writes tact is basically how we live our life, how we deal with other people around us and how all this affect everyone around us. Everything we do matters and it has an impact either negative or positive. If at any point in life one realizes and analyzes the way he/she behaves in different situations or with people it means they’re going in a right direction because they’re thinking about the way they behave. Writer says even doing a little thing like giving a right-of-way makes a big difference, if you haven’t already has done this yet, then try doing it, it gives a great sense of pleasure when the other person acknowledges it. Peter emphasized on the power of three words, “I thank you.” He believes that these three words have a power to change the world. Always think of the ways how you can have a more positive effect on others.

“The Power of Tact” is about maintaining your composure and confidence in tough times. there’s a simple rule if you want others to be kind and generous to you then you should be kind and generous to them.

We must develop manners, habits, and values during our formative years and we carry them throughout our lives. Be a responsible individual to gains you immense respect. One should try to be of good use in the world; even your presence must be beneficial for others. Buckhall wrote, “Leave the world a little better for our having lived in it.” If a person wants to do something good, it will only be proved with his conduct. One can not only live nobly just to prove that he/she is a noble, they must do noble things. The simple things one can do are to be kind and don’t say hurtful things to other and in time of need lend a helping hand. Keep hate aside, one can’t live happily with hating others because there will always be people around whom you hate and it will only make their and your life miserable. Kind, generous, caring and helpful however you want others to be, you must behave that way towards them too. If a person interacts with others when he is angry or frustrated he won’t be able to communicate effectively and properly. It is always more helpful if one stays calm and talks in thoughtful and concerned manner. With composed and calm approach it is always easier to diffuse the situation and find a positive resolution to a conflict. 

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